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Dear Potter Thomas Promise Academy Family,


What do you expect to occur this year?  What do you expect to accomplish this year?  What are your expectations for and of your students?  This year our focus is on expectations, for without expectations there will be no results.  As we begin this year, I encourage each of you to reflect upon what you expect of yourself, your students, your colleagues and other stakeholders (i.e. parents/guardians, community partners, corporate partners).

Expect student growth.  Expect to be effective in your teaching.  Expect your colleagues to be supportive and collaborative.  Expect to be supported by your administrators.  Expect to love to come to work every day.  If we establish our expectations, elevate them and allow them to guide our actions, then not only will our students demonstrate growth, but we all will grow as educators.

It is my firm belief that each of you possesses the skill, confidence, expertise and passion that is needed to collaboratively make this year our best year yet!  This is the right team of professionals to consistently grow our students academically, socially and emotionally.  YOU ARE THE PERFECT FIT!

Let’s work together this year, support one another, encourage each other and remain focused on our individual and school wide goals.  When feeling discouraged I encourage you to reflect upon why you became an educator or solicit support from your colleagues or simply talk about it.  We are a family and in order for us to grow, we all must work together.  YOU ARE NOT IN THIS ALONE!

Again, this is our year of expectations.   I expect this to be the most successful year yet!  I expect teacher morale to remain consistently positive.  I expect teacher attendance to increase.  I expect students to comply with school wide expectations.  I expect each of us to work in a respectful and kind manner.  Most of all, I expect our students to grow academically, socially and emotionally.  Positive results must be our expectation…nothing less.

Have a fantastic year of expectations.



Dywonne P. Davis-Harris, J.D M.Ed, M.S.

Turnaround Principal

Potter Thomas Promise Academy